A Simple Trick to Feel 200% Richer! 💸 Abraham Hicks 2024


⏰ Video Chapters ⏰
0:00 Specificity in Finances
1:43 Emotional Words for Financial Abundance
3:02 Building the Grid with $100
4:00 Present Tense Grid
5:08 Starting a New Grid
7:00 Segment Intending
9:09 Grid Filling with Positive Energy
11:00 Embracing Personal Power

This insightful discussion goes beyond the superficial goals to explore the emotional richness that financial freedom brings, such as ease, joy, and the power of choice. Through practical advice and transformative practices, learn how to align your vibrational energy with abundance and manifest the financial prosperity you've always wanted.

March 31, 2012 Orlando, FL Workshop Recording

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🎤 Speaker: Esther Hicks ( Abraham )

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