Abraham Hicks 2024 | Make Peace with your Current Situation and Watch the Magic Happen✨


Abraham Hicks New 2024 | Make Peace with your Current Situation and Watch the Magic Happen✨

⏲Video Chapters⏲
00:00 Just decide to chill out
02:25 Paying a bigger price for it
06:53 Thinking pure thoughts is harder for big things
08:02 Want it with no Resistance (There's the power)
09:25 Allow what you want
12:00 In my happiness I allow it to unfold (Opening the circuit)

Share with your family members & give them a chance to let them know about their Inner Being. REPETITION is one of the keys. WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS WHAT TRUE FOR YOU.

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Our Special Videos –

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Version of "I Can Do it"

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👉Powerful Breathing Meditation with Original Breath Sounds

👉Morning Meditation For a Great Day Guaranteed

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