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What up homie! I have another exciting episode for you today with powerhouse international speaker, CEO of Motivating the Masses and a very good friend of mine, Lisa Nichols! Get ready for a super engaging conversation about finding the perfect relationship (yes, that still exists), breaking up with everyone else’s expectations, and boundaries that support self-love and creates the safe space you’ve been looking for!

Lisa can’t help but drop gem after gem when she speaks. So you better believe it when I tell you, this episode is packed with the kind of experiences and wisdom every woman needs to hear.

How to not cave to societal pressures regarding your timeline for marriage.
– Why you are more than enough just as you are, with or without a relationship.
– Your purpose and contribution to the world have nothing to do with being married or not.
– Lisa’s power sentences that relieve the pressure in any situation.
– Lisa’s 3 Agreements to establish your safe space

You are invited to experience life's roller coaster ride with Lisa Nichols and myself right here on Women of Impact, where we indulge in the real, uncensored conversations about life, self-discovery, and more. Grab your tissues, it’s okay today! We’re learning what real empowerment and grown a$$ woman business is about that you can feel deep in your soul..

“I began to trust the woman that I am more than the woman I was trying to become.” – Lisa Nichols

Annnnd… while you’re here I have an extra bonus for you! I’ve added this fire a$$ episode with my homie, Mel Robbins! If you know Mel, you know she’s a give-it-to-you-straight with NO chaser kind of woman. Our conversation went from knowing how to identify when you’re being disrespected to knowing when it’s YOU that’s being disrespectful with your partner.

Both Mel and Lisa are major inspirations for women like us! I do these episodes so that women like you know that having strong boundaries, more confidence, commanding respect, and aiming for an above average life is more than possible with all of your messy imperfections.

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“Being Unapologetic means that I will be All of Me. I will no longer shrink or compromise myself by playing small so others will not feel insecure in my presence.” – Lisa Nichols


“Marriage is a chapter, it’s not the book.”

“If it felt right I leaned in. If it didn’t feel right, I didn’t lean in. I didn’t try to put perfume over poo poo.”

“I’ve had enough evidence of broken Lisa, scared Lisa, floored Lisa, ‘damn I can’t believe I did that’ Lisa, […] I had enough evidence that in her brokenness she still had the will to get back up one more time.”

“Don’t let me get in the way of our greatness. Don’t let me get in the way of what I said I wanted.”

“I’ve learned how to dance with my chaos.”

“I’m a river, I’m not a lake. I’m always flowing and always growing.”

“If someone keeps crossing your line in the sand, it is not because they are rude, it’s because your line is not deep enough in the sand. It’s because you’ve negotiated the line so many times that now the line is blurry, now the wind has blown the line, and no one can see the line. And you feel as if you’re suffering in silence because no one is honoring your line, it’s because you didn’t honor your line sis!”

“Unconditional love is messy, unconditional love has thorns in it. Unconditional love actually says will you agree to love me through my ugly? Will you agree to love me through my righteousness? […] Will you agree to love me when I’m actually unloveable?”

“I gave myself permission to not hold my future hostage to my past.”

“Can you give yourself permission to trust again as if you’ve never been hurt while using the discernment and the judgment that you developed from all of your past hurt.”

“I wasn’t running toward who I was becoming, I was out running who I had been.”

“I had to just first accept who I was, and not be a victim to who I was.”

“I wasn’t staying single because I chose to be single, I was staying single because I was afraid of being hurt again.”

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