Universe Responds to Vibration, Not Words! 🙏 Abraham Hicks 2024


🗝️ Key Takeaways
00:00 Co-Creation and Contrast
01:50 Vibrational Requests and Responses
04:36 Vibrational Escrow
06:59 Importance of Vibration Over Words
08:34 Vibrational Variance
10:05 Peace with the Present Moment
11:56 Self-Acceptance and Vibrational Discord
13:04 Ultimate Freedom in Feeling Good

This video delves into the significance of contrast, the power of focus, and the role of your emotional guidance system in co-creating the reality you desire. Through practical insights and strategies, you'll discover how to navigate life's contrasts and harness your emotions to manifest your dreams. A must-watch for anyone looking to take control of their vibrational offering and live a life of fulfillment.

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