Believe in Yourself in Your Pursuit of Happiness


Wealth comes in many forms, and money is the least of them. You can have a very abundant life with very little money. The trick is to feel good about yourself and your activities and goals. If you are doing what you love, the things you need and want in life will come your way.

While money can give you financial security and power in the material world, a sense of self-worth translates into a sense of confidence and personal power in the actual world.

Remember that the material world is just a construct and much of what we view as reality today is merely an illusion. You have the power to opt out of the worldwide Monopoly Game if you choose.

Believe in Yourself in Your Pursuit of Happiness

This is not to say that you cannot be financially wealthy and wealthy in spirit. People who find their true calling in life and pursue it to the good of others very often become quite comfortable financially even if they do not become wealthy. This sort of wealth comes from finding your true vocation and becoming skilled and valued in practicing it.

There are, of course, those who are obscenely wealthy and do nothing to help anyone. Generally these sorts have not earned their wealth. They have merely taken it or had it handed to them.

Aspiring to have this sort of wealth is neither positive nor practical. In reality, there is little need to have, for example, more money than half the population of your nation combined.

Wealth that is honestly earned from work that is beneficial to both yourself and others is a side effect of your natural labors and is always seen as abundant, even when it is not stacked up in staggering proportions.

If you have a desire to simply have huge piles of money without having any vocation, you will probably be more successful at identifying what you will do with the money and then finding ways to do those things as your vocation than you will sitting around waiting for money to manifest.

For example, if you want money for travel, find out what you need to do to become a travel guide. Take a few courses, get a certification, and you will soon be able to make your living doing what you love and helping others who also want to travel.

This is the path to true success. If you are pursuing something you really love, you will become an expert capable of helping others. The money you earn will be a plentiful side-effect of your pursuit of happiness.

When you decide you want to live your life in the pursuit of happiness trusting that wealth will come, you are highly likely to run into resistance. Your best friends and family members will let you know just exactly how little faith they have in your abilities and will attempt to convince you to do something practical.

Don’t listen to them. They know not what they do. Instead, establish your goals and set about accomplishing them step-by-step. You will soon have the satisfaction of success and of being able to say, “I told you so!”


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